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Turns Out, On Michaels’ Store Website, You Can Chat With Other Shoppers, And Here Are 48 Of The Funniest Conversations

There are a lot of people who can testify that Michaels arts and crafts store has a drug-like quality to it. It feels good, the first purchases come cheap, and it’s highly addictive. All in all, those who go in there are not bound to leave anytime soon.

Another great thing about Michaels is that, apparently, their online store has a live chat feature to it. In it, you can message other like-minded, crafts-obsessed people. Naturally, as soon as Twitter found out about this, they’ve been having a blast chatting: “The Michaels website has a feature where you can chat live with other Michaels shoppers and it’s changed my life,” Twitter user LouBegaVEVO wrote in a now-viral post. Little did he know that one hilarious screenshot of a Michaels chat would amass more than 160k likes in almost no time and would prompt other people to share their gems from the messaging feature as well. Scroll down below to see the screenshots that Twitter users shared and vote for the ones that made you laugh!

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