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Prank-O Are Back With Their Hilarious Fake Boxes For Products That Are Ridiculous (6 New Pics)

Prank-o is back on Bored Panda with their hilarious box designs for the best packaging ideas ever. If you want to make your gift much better, you can get one of these prank boxes. We’re sure your friends will be quite surprised to see you give them a “Bicycle Seat Belt” or a “Pasta Recycler.” Most of them will probably be relieved to see a normal gift inside, which will make your gift seem that much more special.

There are more absurd fake gift boxes the designers came up with—if you want to see the previous ones featured on Bored Panda, click here or here. What do you think of these boxes? Would you like to get one and prank your friends? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to go to Prank-o’s social media to see some other cool stuff. And if you do decide to get one, go to their website!

More info: Instagram | pranko.com | Facebook | twitter.com

Bicycle Seat Belt

Image credits: pranko

Baby’s First Diaper

Image credits: pranko

Pasta Recycler

Image credits: pranko

Scrap’n Snacks

Image credits: pranko

Tidy Tips

Image credits: pranko


Image credits: pranko


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