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Perv Asks Woman To Pose In Her Bathing Suit, But Her Brother Steps In To Troll The Creep

Brothers and sisters should support and protect one another. Always. In the internet age, perverts can find it easier than ever to act creepy, considering how widespread social media is. Fortunately, there are surefire ways of shutting them up.

When Tess Wright shared a post on Facebook to sell a bathing suit, a guy commented and asked to see a picture of it being worn before buying. Yuck? Yuck. Naturally, Tess wanted to ignore the comment altogether. However, her brother, Kade, had a brilliant idea.

Kade put on the bathing suit, struck a few glorious poses, and then Tess posted the pics as a response to the creep. We’re betting that’s the last thing that he expected! Scroll down and check out the photos.

Tess Wright shared how her brother defended her against an internet creep

Image credits: Tess Wright

Image credits: Tess Wright

Image credits: Tess Wright

Image credits: Tess Wright

Image credits: Tess Wright

Image credits: Tess Wright

Tess’ post about how her brother rushed in to save her quickly went viral online. Some people thought it was a hilarious way to clap back at a pervy comment while others praised Kade for being ready to do anything in order to protect his family members from unwanted attention on the internet.

The post got over 26k likes and was reshared a whopping 25k times. What’s more, the post really got people talking—the 3.8k comments are proof of that.

Unfortunately, Facebook and other social media platforms aren’t the innocent places we’d like them to be. The best way to deal with creeps, stalkers, and pervs is to ignore them: block their accounts and stay away from the ‘other’ messages folder on Facebook.

If someone is being very persistent and their behavior becomes harassment, however, tell them outright to stop. If they don’t, contact either the platform’s administrators or the proper authorities. (Or both.)

What do you think about Kade putting on his sister’s bathing suit to protect her from the perv? How do you deal with internet creeps, dear Pandas? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Here’s how some people reacted to the post


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