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Daughter And Her 83-Year-Old Mother Are Recreating Famous Pieces Of Art While Stuck In Quarantine

Despite many countries taking steps to ease quarantine conditions, a number of people still choose to stay indoors, thus keeping themselves safe from the threats of COVID-19. By doing so, they choose to face the lesser of two evils, which is boredom. And, as seen on the internet, boredom is much more manageable.

Imgur user airsquid recently shared that her friend is self-isolating with her 83-year-old mother, and the two decided to fight boredom together by recreating famous classical art (as well as contemporary pop culture moments, if we’re being specific) throughout the ages using whatever they could find lying around the house.

Dare I say, these are some of the best recreations we’ve seen so far during lockdown using household items. For the most part, the colors and patterns match those of the originals. Some were surprised to see how many unique things they have managed to use as props for their photos. And you gotta love the fact that if all else fails, you can use toilet paper as a prop!

Bored Panda invites you to check out the recreations below as well as to vote and comment on the ones you enjoyed! And if you want more recreations once you’re done with these, why not check out another recent post where museums ask people to recreate famous paintings at home?








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