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Australian Mom Makes These Hilariously Relatable Comics About Regular Life (30 Pics)

Who thinks everyday life must be dull and boring? Jessica Rae, who makes these hilarious “Doodley Squat” comics about the good old mundane life, certainly doesn’t. Slice-of-life doodles may not sound like much, but hey, they’re called “doodley squat” for a reason! (diddly squat means “a very small amount”)

The comics speak for themselves. They involve cats (!), relatable day-to-day struggles, girl/relationship/parenthood problems, and so on. Needless to say, they’re funny no matter the particular theme. But the comics don’t just speak for themselves. The Australian Jess Rae also had a little bit to add of her own!

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This Artist Will Make You Laugh With His Satires Of Everyday Life


The author enthusiastically shared with Bored Panda how her comic came about and how she’s been doing lately. “I started making comics about 10 years ago. My Facebook feed was pretty text-heavy and I was getting bored with it so I downloaded a kids’ drawing app and thought I’d start drawing the things that happened in my daily life instead. I first drew a spider that crawled on my arm while I was watching TV and while the drawing was awful, my friends got a laugh out of it so I kept doing them and eventually started making panel comics.

Her opinions about her own comic are as sincere and light-hearted as the comic itself. “There’s not really anything I’m trying to say, I guess I just want people to be able to get a laugh out of them. I don’t really like arguing with people so I try not to make anything political or controversial.”

It’s very natural for an author to like some of their works more than others. Her favorite ones “are definitely the ones based on random thoughts that I sometimes have. Like the caveman comics or the surprise boobies ones, they’re a bit obscure and kinda dumb but they make me laugh so I love them.”

Jessica Rae, like most of us, had her own individual experience with quarantine, and despite losing her day job, found an avenue for more creativity in her comics. “It’s been okay, I lost my day job so that’s given me more time to draw but I’ve also had my 6-year-old at home and she can be pretty distracting (like right now while I’m trying to write this out and she’s trying to put necklaces on me and talking non-stop waffle, lol).” The best way you can show support for her is by following “Doodley Squat” comics on the respective social media links up above. Have a nice read!





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