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Artist Creates 84 Hilarious Edits Of Characters Being In Situations They Don’t Belong In

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Ace Ventura and The Joker were in one movie? What about Deadpool and Vincent Vega teaming up? No? Well, this Hungarian artist has, and he created these funny edits to show us what that would look like.

Pixelfaker takes characters that we all know and love and places them into movies and TV shows they really don’t belong in—by doing that, he creates amazing scenes that look hilarious. Most of us would probably want to see half of these movies or shows.

More info: Instagram | Facebook | pixelfaker.com | twitter.com


Movie Characters Different Scenes


Pixelfaker has a humble 4k followers on Instagram and almost 26k followers on Facebook. He posts these edits quite often, so if you like what you see, go show him some love on his social media!

What do you think of these edits? Which universes would you like to see merge together? Tell us in the comments and vote for your favorite one!





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