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30 Of The Best Parenting Tweets Of September

One of the biggest blessings of being a parent is just how often your children make you burst out laughing with their shenanigans. Parents are tweeting the most hilarious stories and Bored Panda has curated this list of the very best ones for you to enjoy.

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Author, parent coach, and founder of ‘Calmer Parenting,’ Anne Peymirat, told Bored Panda that the biggest new challenges that parents are facing in 2020 are closely linked to the coronavirus pandemic. These include “working during the pandemic, looking after their kids, and having little or no childcare or support.” Scroll down for our full interview with Peymirat.




According to Peymirat from ‘Calmer Parenting,’ the coronavirus has changed family life in a lot of ways. At the start of the pandemic, there were a lot of kids learning via the internet and this caused a lot of new issues for parents, from learning how the heck Zoom works to figuring out how to keep their kids entertained all day at home.

As coronavirus cases continue to rise, we might see a greater return to distance learning in some areas, and parents will have to juggle having their children at home all the time again. Some schools are already having classes online again, but not all parents are working from home again, so it’s a real pickle of a situation.

Peymirat explained that there are both positives and negatives that came with the pandemic. On the plus side, the pandemic led to more interactions between parents and their kids, especially when everyone was under lockdown.

On the flip side, the lockdowns had also increased the amount of time that kids spend in front of screens. That’s not all, however.

“Some parents reported anxiety in teens who did not want to go out and see friends, not so from younger children who are often quite resilient,” the parent coach revealed. She said that the best way to calm down a child is to be factual about the Covid-19 pandemic and to give them advice about protecting themselves and others.

Peymirat also advised parents who are feeling overwhelmed with everything to take any opportunity that they can to have some alone time with just themselves or with their partner. This way, parents can recharge, relax, and be ready to overcome anything else that 2020 throws at them.





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