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27 Times Kids Described Their Parents’ Jobs In A Straight-To-The-Point Manner

Now that you’re all grown up, when somebody asks you what your parents do for a living, you know what to say. It’s easy. Your mom’s a lawyer/doctor/space engineer while your dad… wait, what does your dad do exactly? It’s got something to do with documents, drills, and dinosaurs. Right?

That moment of confusion right there and your imagination going wild—that’s your inner child showing. And for a moment, you feel like you’re a kid again, making others laugh with your hilariously imaginative renditions of your parents’ work. Twitter user LadyBugAssassin tapped into that and started up a viral thread about kids sharing interpretations of their parents’ jobs that will make you giggle.

Scroll down and upvote your fave tweets, dear Pandas. We’d also love to hear from you if your kids or any children that you know have made you laugh with their descriptions of their parents’ jobs. Ready to chuckle? Let’s go!

LadyBugAssassin’s thread got more than 130.6k likes and was retweeted over 14.8k times. Even though they’re impressive, they’re just numbers. The real victory is in making us laugh and giving us a set of fresh new perspectives on life. And, we’ve gotta say, seeing the world through the eyes of a kid is awesome. Sometimes, you get so caught up in being a grown-up that you forget to see the fun in life.

Now, we all know that our parents have huge effects on our lives and our development. It’s common sense. But it’s interesting to see to what extent this is true. For example, The New York Times writes that children are inclined to follow in their parents’ professional footsteps.

The NYT states that boys are more likely to pick the same line of work as their dads than their moms while girls are slightly more likely to follow their moms than their dads when it comes to jobs.

The jobs that are most likely to be passed down to the next generation include lawyer, doctor, baker, legislator, and steelworker. Meanwhile, parents who are middle managers, clerical workers, or service workers are less likely to have their children pick the same profession. Our verdict? It’s time to follow your dream of opening up a quaint bakery in the countryside.





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